10 things we do every day that are illegal in North Korea

Well count yourself lucky you can at least have a drink with your mates, watch Netflix when you’re feeling lazy and blast some Bieber in your bedroom – because all of these are illegal in North Korea. Here are ten every day things that’ll get you in trouble in the state-run country.

1. Drinking alcohol

In 2013 a North Korean military officer was executed for disrespecting late Kim Jong-il by drinking alcohol during the 100-day mourning period.


2. Watching TV

Last year North Korea reportedly publicly executed 80 people for watching South Korean television shows. Authorities forced some 10,000 people, including children, to watch the execution.


3. Driving

Only state officials are allowed to own a car. It is estimated that only one in every 100 people in North Korea own a car.


4. Playing music

No Taylor Swift for these guys, unless she’s singing about how great Kim Jong-un is.



5. Keeping in touch with people abroad

Making a call to someone outside North Korea will get you killed.. In 2007 a man was gunned down inside a stadium for making numerous international calls. Six people were also crushed to death in stampede after the execution.


6. Having an opinion

None of that. Anyone caught criticising the regime is sent to an educational camp


7. Leaving the country

Don’t even think about a cheeky holiday to South Korea. You’ll be hunted down.


8. Believing in religion

North Korea claims to offer religious freedom but a Christian woman accused of distributing the Bible was publicly executed for the crime.


9. Watching porn

Viewing or selling pornography is punishable by death


10. Going online

North Korea doesn’t have the world wide web, rather a portal to state-run propaganda.