5 of the World’s Best Road Trips

The world is laced by approximately 18.4 million kilometers of paved roadways; but only a few of them prove drive-worthy — be it because of the amazing road, the stunning scenery or the expectation of adventure.

Here’s a fast countdown of the top 10.

10. Evo Triangle, Wales

World’s 10 ultimate drives -- Evo TriangleDrift through the Welsh countryside.

Distance: 32 kilometers
Approximate route time: 30 minutes.

Gearheads who know their Charlie Booze Mustangs from their Austin-Healey 3000s go gaga over this triangle of empty roads, which lies to the east of the Gwydyr National Park.

The ups, downs and complex bends that work their way across the rolling Welsh moors are a dream to rag in a beaten-up Ford Fiesta or cruise in a classic car.

“It’s an exuberant drive,” urges Phill Tromans, deputy editor of Evo Magazine Middle East (incidentally, the same mag the road was named after).

“A fantastic wide and open drive on a sweeping road though the Welsh countryside,” he says.

Highlights: Sheep lovers will be in their element. Other than that, the Llyn Brenig lake and farmhouses en route are pretty striking too.

Stop for a bite at: The garlicky fish soup and homemade bread at The Lion Inn is a winner. The cute beamed open house sits in the nearby village of Gwytherin.

9. Ticlio Pass, Peru

World’s 10 ultimate drives -- Ticlio PassThe scenery along one of the world’s highest paved roads.

Distance: 132 kilometers.
Approximate route time: Three hours (nonstop).

One for the adrenaline junkies, this hairy drive along the highest paved road in South America (almost 4,877 meters above sea level) sweeps through the Andes and has prayer-inducing bends, suicidal wild lamas darting out of the scenery and mountains prone to landslides.

Potentially you’ll be dodging giant boulders falling from above, but the view at the end of the paved road is worth nearly dying for.

Highlights: The Ticlio railroad is definitely worth a gander. At 4,758 meters above sea level, this is one of the highest railway lines in the world and was built to service the local mining community as well as send rich minerals including zinc and lead down the mountain.

Stop for a bite at: The roadside cafés. Be warned: if the boulders don’t kill you the food might. Choose wisely between a Russian roulette of ceviche and fried guinea pig.

8. Jebel Hafeet, United Arab Emirates

World’s 10 ultimate drives -- Jebel HafeetIt’s not about the destination, but the journey — literally.

Distance: 11.7 kilometers.
Approximate route time: Up to 30 minutes (nonstop).

Built so that rich residents can get their kicks in their million-dollar toy cars, this road doesn’t take you anywhere — except to a private palace and an exclusive hotel.

Carved into the desert, the road is worth the journey up and back for the smooth surfaces and 60 race-track-worthy corners that snake around the Hafeet mountain.

“This is a cracking stretch of road for driving enthusiasts,” explains Phill Tromans from Evo magazine. “There’s a fast section and slow sections, it’s just perfect for technical driving.” 

Highlights: Magic-eye fans eat your heart out; during summer the 45 C heat creates the illusion that the golden barren dunes in the distance are moving. If that’s not entertainment enough, there’s also a golf course at top of the hill.

Stop for a bite at: Le Belvedere at the Mercure Grand hotel on the Hafeet mountain will whip up a few Moroccan, Italian and French bites.

7. The Atlantic Road, Norway

World’s 10 ultimate drives -- The Atlantic RoadGood idea to take the car-boat for a spin.

Distance: 8 kilometers.
Approximate route time: Less than 30 minutes (nonstop).

Belly-flips and bridges make up this high-octane drive along the Norwegian coastline.

The overpass dips during this journey can be experienced between Kristiansund and Molde, and regular vicious storms in the area intensify the ride.

If “technical” driving does nothing for you, get ready to see unusual birds flying overhead, while seals and whales swim off the coastline. Plus, at dusk there’s a wickedly orange sunset.

Highlights: The dark 80-meter long Bremsnes Cave, found at the Bremsneshatten Mountain, is well worth a visit.

Scuba diving off the shore during the winter months is a must-do. Marine life in this area is abundant and visibility reaches up to 60 meters. Book a trip withStrømsholmen Sea Sports Centre. 

Stop for a bite at: Derinngarden in Halåsen is a cute farm shop selling moorish syrups, jams handmade cheese and yogurt. Alternatively the Bjartmars Favorittkrotavern serves decent local bacalao (dried cod).


6. Route 62, South Africa

World’s 10 ultimate drives -- Evo TriangleThis scene will get any wasted passengers sober.

Distance: 748 kilometers.
Approximate route time: Nine-and-a-half hours (nonstop).

Over 65 wineries along the way will have you wishing you were a passenger rather than the driver.

Shift driving works best along this long tourist route stretching between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, with stops at dozens of non-boozy attractions splintering off the main path, such as cliffs, fauna, rivers, valleys and plains.

Highlights: The hot mineral springs and private Roman baths at the Warmwaterberg Spa are a godsend for shoulder muscles after hours of driving.

Alternatively a two-day hike on the famed Donkey Trail over the Swartberg Mountains will get the blood pumping again before the next stretch of road.

The Klaasvoogds Game Reserve further along Route 62 is speckled with black wildebeest, leopard tortoise and burchell’s zebra.

Stop for a bite at: Ronnie’s Sex Shop and Road Kill Café. Initially the sign was “Ronnie’s Shop” but when “Sex” was graffitied as a prank Ronnie decided to leave it up and run with the theme. It’s now a bizarre sex-themed popular pub hangout for bikers, local farmers and regulars along the road.

5. The Alcan Highway, Canada to Alaska

World’s 10 ultimate drives -- The Alcan HighwaySub-zero speeding in the North American wilderness.

Distance: 2,167 kilometers.
Approximate route time: One day and seven hours (nonstop).

If Bear Grylls did road trips he’d be all over this mammoth long haul route in the moody North American wilderness.

Snow chains, a down jacket and an Eskie full of sarnies will serve you well in these harsh weather conditions.

In between the snowstorms, find classic mountains, sparkling lakes, dog-sleds, wolves and the odd grizzly bear.

Highlights: Hiking detours are a must. Finish up at Muncho Lake and Liard River andLiard River Hot Springs (the second largest hot spring in Canada) and take a dip in piping hot waters.

The Watson Lake Sign Post Forest is worth a bash. Alternatively, the owners at the family-run Burnt Paw and Cabins Outback motel in Tok are fanatical about dog mushing and provide free dog-sled demos daily.

Stop for a bite at: Klondike Kate’s Restaurant in Dawson City serves vegetarian meals and healthy smoothies, the sickly sweet tin-roof chocolate pie is top banana.

At Delta Junction, Rika’s Roadhouse serves awesome homemade chicken noodle soup and hearty doorstep sandwiches.

4. Transfagarasan Road, Romania

World’s 10 ultimate drives -- Transfagarasan RoadThe perfect setting for James Bond.

Distance: 116 kilometers.
Approximate route time: 100 minutes.

Spooky dark tunnels (the longest is more than 800 meters and pitch black), plus endless twists and turns make for a thrilling ride through Dracula territory.

The winding road from Cartisoara goes south to Curtea de Arges then zigzags from Transylvania into Muntenia, and later ascends to 2,034 meters, to the highest peak in Romania (Moldoveanu Peak).

Highlights: A surefire way to creep out your road trip buddies is to climb the 1,400 steps to the Poenari Castle, the former residence of Vlad III, the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

The Balea Waterfall and Vidraru Lake and Dam lie further along the track are spectacular sites.

Stop for a bite at: Guest lodge Pensiunea Balea is just seven kilometers from Cartisoara and serves home-cooked Romanian dishes in a secluded foresty setting.


3. Great Ocean Road, Australia

World’s 10 ultimate drives -- great ocean roadThe quintessential Australian experience.

Distance: 253 kilometers.
Approximate route time: Four hours.

For less thrills, but extra frills, this drive has more attractions than it has cars.

Here mountains meet oceans, rainforests meet dramatic cliffs, and lighthouses meet national parks (home to stacks of anteaters, kangaroos, penguins, koalas and multi-colored parrots). At the end of the route you’ll want to U-turn and ride it again.

“You can’t speed along, because of the speed cameras,” explains Imthishan Giado, editor of motoringme.com, “but it still offers an incredible coastline, little towns, world-class surf and The Twelve Apostles.”

Highlights: Bells Beach — made famous by the epic surf flick “Point Break.” Though the movie wasn’t actually filmed here, it still draws surfers from far and wide (word of warning before you don your wetsuit: great white sharks attack in this spot).

Swimmers are best off going for a dip at Apollo Bay, one of the safest spots in the area; the cute coastal village here also runs horse and bike riding.

At Great Otway National Park, detour to Otway Lighthouse for an incredible view of Australia’s Shipwreck Coast.

The climax of this journey is, of course, the breathtaking Twelve Apostles, a collection of limestone stacks towering 65 meters above the water.

Stop for a bite at: The Pickled Pig at Warrnambool serves fennel and cinnamon slathered pork cutlets and scallops doused in basil and cashew pesto.

2. Amalfi Coast Road, Italy

World’s 10 ultimate drives -- Amalfi Coast RoadSo good that the drive has been turned into a computer game, “Forza Motorsport 3.”

Distance: 56 kilometers.
Approximate route time: 75 minutes.

We’d forgive you for smashing up your vintage convertible MG when distracted by the pastel villages, historic churches and pristine lapping coastline here.

This is one of the prettiest routes we’ve ever encountered, and the coastal roads are crammed with enough hairpin bends to get your pacemaker screaming.

“It’s absolutely beautiful, the scenery makes this road trip,” says David Light, motoring editor at Khaleej Times. “The best way to experience it is in the summer, in a drop-top sports car.”

Highlights: The stretch from Praiano to Positano for the corniche, plus Grotta dello Smeraldo, a cave with Jade waters that look like they glow.

Stop for a bite at: The two-Michelin-starred Rossellinis restaurant in Ravello is a fancy spot for traditional European food, and a killer view of fishing boats beneath.

1. Milford Road, New Zealand

World’s 10 ultimate drives -- milford roadMotoring on the planet’s most scenic stretch.

Distance: 120 kilometers.
Approximate route time: 90 minutes.

This is sort of the landscape that gives hobbits wet dreams, and we don’t blame them.

A drive through the mountains of New Zealand’s South Island, from Te Anau towards Milford Sound into Fiordland National Park, this is possibly the most scenic route on the planet.

Think mighty cliffs, snow-capped summits, waterfalls and fern trees that stick their middle fingers (or branches) up to gravity.

Highlights: It’s hard not to stop and stare at the ridiculous beauty of Eglington Valley and the Mirror Lakes (which mirror their surroundings with crystal clarity).

The Avenue of the Disappearing Mountain is also staggering — an optical illusion causes the approaching mountain to get smaller rather than larger.