A Concrete Substance That Swallows 800 Gallons of Water in a Minute. Could This Solve Water Logging?

We’re all far too familiar with the terrible feeling of frustration we feel when we’re on a waterlogged road after a heavy downpour, praying for a miracle to happen and the streets to clear out. And while we were praying for our nightmare to end, Tarmac has created a brilliant solution to our woes.

Make way for the new ‘thirsty’ concrete, which is a super-permeable hard concrete material, that can absorb 800 gallons of water per minute. This porous concrete, ‘Topmix Permeable,’ allows rain water to flow right through it and maintain ground-water level. Currently in its testing stage, this material will revolutionise commute and water conservation in one stroke, and will be the end to our horrifying monsoon experience on the road.

Watch this video of Topmix Permeable being tested in a parking lot. The demonstration is just a glimpse into all the good technology can really do in the times to come.