Amazing Local Indian Liquors You Won’t Find At Your Favorite Bar

You are a truly adventurous soul when it comes to travelling. You love the food that is served at the local restaurants. But do you end up ordering a Kingfisher with your food? Well, you could do much better. There are special alcoholic drinks brewed by the locals which can scintillate your senses. Here are some of them

1. Chhang – Ladakh

Taste some chhang while traversing the beautiful landscapes of Ladakh to fight the biting cold or to simply rejuvenate.



2. Po:ro Apong – Assam

Get a taste of the culture heritage of the Adi and Mising tribe in Assam by trying this beer..

apong (1)

3. Chuwarak – Tripura

The land of fourteen Gods is proud of being the producer of this intoxicant through an elaborate process. Its versatile nature allows for a variety of raw materials to be used like rice, pineapple or even jackfruit.


4. Feni – Goa

The Portuguese brought the cashewnut trees to Goa, but the Goans discovered a way of converting the fruit being discarded into a spirit.


5. Zutho – Nagaland

Only the Angami Nagas know about the procedure of production of this rice wine. it is different from other rice wines because of the usage of sprouted rice grains.


6. Kesar Kasturi – Rajasthan

It was meant for royalty back then but now it is being sold commercially too.


7. Xaj – Assam

Like all rice beers of the North East, the beer of the Ahoms is made by fermenting rice with herbs. It is always served in traditional copper vessels.


8. Toddy – Andhra Pradesh

Toddy is the refreshing drink that the villagers look up to after a tiring day at work.


9. Mahua – Maharashtra

Mahua flowers are used to prepare this wine. You can treat yourself to some while travelling through Maharashtra.


10. Lugdi – Himachal Pradesh

You probably remember this drink from ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani‘. Try it the next time you are in Manali if you haven’t yet!