Bizarre Restaurants around the World…!!

From the underwater restaurant located more than 16 feet under the Maldives to the spectacular dinner in the sky perched above Montreal, here are the best weird restaurants for a truly unique dining experience.


Ithaa Undersea Restaurant – Rangali Island, Maldives

Located at the Conrad Maldives, Rangali Island Resort is a gorgeous and intimate underwater restaurant (seating capacity is 14 people) that is more than sixteen feet below sea level. Opened in 2005, the all-glass restaurant has a menu consisting of fresh seafood, beef rib eye, veal, and other gourmet dishes.


Ninja New York – New York City, USA

You are greeted there by servers in black costumes who ceaselessly bow, regularly yelp and ever so occasionally tumble.” Designed to look like a 15th-century Japanese feudal village full of dark nooks and snaking passageways, you’ll dine amongst stealthy warriors—the waiters—who roam, romp, and perform tricks, all the while serving sushi and sake.


Dinner in the Sky – Montreal, Canada

Got an appetite for high altitude? Originating in Belgium, the concept involves a crane hoisting guests, who are securely strapped into “dining chairs” 160 feet up in the air, along with a table, wait staff, and everything that’s required to enjoy a meal floating above the ground.


Redwoods Treehouse – Warkworth, New Zealand

Built in 2008, the pod-shaped structure is situated over 32 feet above the ground in a Redwood tree in the town of Warkworth, north of Auckland. Diners access the venue via an elevated treetop walkway built of redwood milled on site. The striking venue is used exclusively for private functions and events, with a capacity of 30 guests.


Barbie Cafe, Taipei, Taiwan

Licensed by Mattel, this Barbie-themed restaurant in Taiwan is decorated with iconic images of the doll, chairs with tutus, and all-pink everything.
Mattel is hoping that the new café — which serves items like macaroons and a “Salmon beauty salad” — will promote the Barbie fashion brand


Villa Escudero Waterfalls Restaurant, San Pablo, Philippines

The restaurant inside this Philippines resort has bamboo dining tables standing just mere feet away from a nearby waterfall.
Guests serve themselves at a buffet station with local food, and can take a dip in the water after their meal.


Chillout, Dubai, UAE

This ice lounge offers hot food and beverages, like oriental kababs, hot chocolate, and tea.
Guests are given hooded parkas, shoes, and gloves at the entrance, as well as a complimentary mocktail served in an ice glass, naturally.