Can’t get enough of your favourate GAME OF THRONES actors….!!

Check out the latest projects on which your fav GOT actors are currently working.

Have they killed off or tortured your favorite Game of Thrones character? Not to worry. You’ll be able to see Game of Thrones actors in movies in 2015 and for years to come. A successful show like the Emmy-winning series will spawn a lot of work for Game of Thrones actors in other projects. When you’re on a hit series, you’re going to be on every casting director’s roster. The actors from Game of Thrones in movies do not disappoint. Emilia Clarke is John Connor’s mom in Terminator Genisys. Peter Dinklage plays up his comedy strengths in the much-maligned Adam Sandler film Pixels and also speaks German quite well in the film Taxi. Aidan Gillen uses his fantastic Irish accent in You’re Ugly Too and the next installment of the Maze Runner series, The Scorch Trials. Richard Madden is Prince Charming in Cinderella and Kit Harington plays a delightfully stupid tennis player in 7 Days in Hell. The young actors on Game of Thrones are getting some nice meaty roles; the older, more experienced actors are seeing an infusion of work. Even Sean Bean, for once, doesn’t die right away in Jupiter Ascending and has a role in Ridley Scott’s The Martian as well. If you see any of these talented actors at a wedding, attacking the Crows, or running from Wildlings on GoT, just remember you’re going to see these actors from Game of Thrones somewhere else soon.


  • Michelle Fairley, ie Catelyn Stark

Michelle Fairley, ie Catelyn Stark, was talented enough to be added to this cast. Ron Howard takes the 1820 giant sperm whale attack on a New England whaling ship to the big screen, telling the tale of the account that inspired the bookMoby Dick, by Herman Melville.

Fairley plays a stranded crew member, Mrs. Nickerson, who fights to survive for 90 days lost at sea.    


  • Gwendoline Christie, ie Brienne of Tarth

She may not be the star, but scoring a role in this J.J. Abrams incarnation of Star Wars, is a big deal and Gwendoline Christie is deserving of as much screen time as she can get. Her Game of Thrones work as Brienne of Tarth has been mighty and she has managed to shine within a huge cast. She plays Captain Phasma in The Force Awakens and her costume is rad. There is a split second glimpse of her at 1:20 in the eye-popping trailer. 


  • Sean Bean , ie Ned Stark

In this Ridley Scott film Sean Bean (Ned Stark) plays NASA flight director Mitch Henderson, who is tasked with helping the rescue mission of a stranded astronaut. Hopefully no one told Matt Damon’s character (the stranded astronaut himself) that Sean Bean’s character was involved. No one wants to be bummed out by those odds.  



  • Lena Headey , ie Cersi Lannister



If only Jane Austen could have seen what filmmakers have done with her work – she’d probably love it. Or rip her bodice in horror. Maybe a little of both. Lena Headey plays an eyepatch wearing warrior and Charles Dance plays the family patriarch. Only this time, he’s not a jerk face Lannister. The film’s quirk comes from the book’s quirk. 

The Bennet sisters will be fending off walkers while they find the right match. There’s still a Lizzy and Mr. Darcy, only they’ve got other period fish to fry. “The idea was that it was Pride and Prejudice set in this alternate world and then for everyone to play it straight. The movie’s big wink is that there is no big wink,” director Burr Steers said.  



  • Aidan Gillen , ie Little Finger

Aidan Gillen is the baddie in this Dylan O’Brien-led project. Gillen has the villain thing on lock, playing Littlefinger with calculating perfection, but you’ll have to see the film to discern whether he’s a black or white hat. Gillen plays a researcher, Janson, who tries to warn the kids about not going outside, but kids never listen.  



  • Emilia Clarke , ie Khalise

Emilia Clarke plays Sarah Connor, who is probably not ever going to get a break in any time vortex any time soon. Even though the film underperformed in the States, making just $89 million, they couldn’t get enough of Clarke and Schwarzenegger in China. The film raked in $27.4 million on its first day there.  

Clarke delivers in spades as Connor, the modern update of a character who was already well liked and well played by the wonderful Linda Hamilton and Clarke’s GoT’s co-star Lena Headey. This Sarah Connor does such a good job of raising John, things get all weird. It’s a fun twist in the Terminator franchise and a great ride.