Celebrity Homes for Rent in the World..!!

Celebrities are famous all over the world, and they have millions of fans in the world. Their fans are always in search of the information about their favorite celebrities and their pictures as well. These famous celebrities have expensive houses at luxurious places as these celebrities are very rich and can easily afford them. Renting a house is very common all over the world.

Leo DiCaprio

Leo-DiCaprio-300x350 Leo DiCaprio is the celebrity who is known for his luxurious houses at different places. His second career in the world is of Real Estate Mogul. He has a beautiful house in Malibu and has the front facing the ocean and is available at the rent of $75,000 for a month. He has recently purchased another property with the price tag of $9 million which may be available for rent in future.





Denzel Washington

Denzel-Washington-300x350 Denzel Washington is a very celebrity of the world, and Malibu is the place that is in great demand by all celebrities. It is the house that is located near the beach of California and is available for rent for $490 for each night. It is built on the large place of 8 acres, and its location is appealing as from its windows the beautiful dolphins can be seen which is amazing view for the people. It is well maintained and luxurious house that is perfectly decorated and is made with all the facilities for the people.




William H. Macy

William-H.-Macy-300x350 William H. Macy purchased this house with his wife Felicity Huffman near this house for rent at the beautiful location of LA. It is a very large house that has 4 bedrooms, spa, swimming pool, 5 bathrooms and panoramic view of Hollywood as well. The price of this house is very high because of the famous celebrities are living as neighbors. The price of this house is for a month on rent is $20,000. It is the best place for the people who wanted to enjoy their holidays at luxurious and high profile place.




Matt Le Blanc

Matt-Le-Blanc-300x350 Pacific Palisades is very beautiful and high-class place for homes and for living a luxurious life. It is the luxurious house that is owned by Le Blanc, and this was his previous house and the charges of rent for a month in this house are $12,995 for each month. It has 4 bedrooms, large grounds, and 5 bathrooms as well. Le Blanc has given many advertisements to rent out his house that is very luxurious one. It is furnished in the 1930`s style and is the best place to live there in traditional old style.





Jennifer-Love-Hewitt-300x350 Jennifer love has a beautiful and luxurious house located at the beautiful place. This place is near Lakeside that is famous with the name of Magic Kingdom. It is a very luxurious place that has a private pool, 4 bedrooms and spa as well. The total rent of this house is $12,500 for a month. As she is considered as the sexiest woman of television that is considered as the icing on the cake and made this house more valuable and precious to the people because of her name.





Kurt Cobain

Kurt-Cobain-300x350 Kurt Cobain is the very famous rock star of the world, and his music is known to the whole world for almost 20 years. His childhood home located in Washington was kept on sale for $400,000 and is now available for rent at the price of $1,140 only for a week. The apartment is very luxurious and is well equipped with the guitars on the walls to give it an image of rock star house. This apartment was constructed in 1992 and is in high demand among the people for having this house on rent. It is mostly rented out 4 times only in 1 year due to its high demand.



Pamela Anderson

Pamela-Anderson1-300x350 Pamela Anderson is a very celebrity of television, and she has worked in many famous movies like Pammie, Barb Wire, etc. It is a very luxurious house that is furnished in the luxurious taste of own choice. It is located near the beautiful beach of Canada and has the theme of Californian style. It is 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms as well as it’s perfectly furnished as well. This luxurious house is available at the rent of $50,000 for each month. The décor of this house is worth watching, and the taste in the selection of things is commendable.




Kate Winslet

Kate-Winslet-300x350 Kate Winslet is very America actress and is famous in the world for her style. She is also the owner of the luxurious and stylish house located in New York. It is a very large home with 4 bedrooms and was opened for rent in 2010 when Kate was separated from her husband, Sam Mendes. The total cost of this house was purchased by $5 million which was a high price. It is considered as the desirable and the home that is in high demand because of its location. The rent of Kate Winslet’s home was $30,000 for a month that is not very high according to its location.



Steven spielberg

Steven-Spielberg-300x350 Steven is a very famous director in Hollywood and has purchased a house near the beach resort of Malibu. It is very luxurious and the best place to spend the summer holidays. It is a large house with 7 bedrooms and a large massage room as well. It has a beautiful front view of the beach which enhances the look of the home. It is a very prime location that increased the price and rent of this house. The rent of this beautiful home is almost $150,000 for a month especially in summer season and is in great demand as well.




Jim Morrison

Jim-Morrison-300x350 Jim Morrison is very actor of Hollywood and was very famous during his career. He has worked in many successful films which made him famous all over the world. This luxurious house is located near Sunset Strip. It is very beautiful 2 bedroom house which is decorated with the theme of 1960`s with flowers and colorful paintings on the walls. The total rent of this luxurious apartment for a month is available at $3,180. It is still opened for the people even after his death, so his fans from all over the world love to live in this house to spend their time and live with the memories of their favorite star.




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