Crazy Beautiful Private Islands Owned By Celebs…!!

It seems that buying your own island is a thing nowadays. It’s the ultimate status symbol, apart from designer clothes, flashy cars, and fancy houses. Owning a private island seems to indicate that you’ve reached the pinnacle of your success. Of course, there are some people on this list who have made an investment out of their purchases, by turning the island into a means of profit. Here’s a rundown of celebs who own their own beautiful private havens.

Nicolas Cage (Leaf Cay, Bahamas)


Nicolas Cage is notorious for being one of Hollywood’s biggest spenders, to the point of almost going bankrupt. It’s no surprise that apart from the many luxurious objects he’s purchased throughout the years, a beautiful island is one of them. Cage purchased Leaf Cay in the Bahamas in 2006 for a hefty $3 million. Cage was drawn to the island’s lush palm trees, powdery beaches, and clear blue waters, not to mention its beautiful marine habitat.