David Beckham Could Be The Next James Bond.

A legendary footballer, a style icon, an ideal father and now, he might just be the smoldering secret agent, James Bond. David Beckham, people, is amongst the top names being considered to play James Bond as Daniel Craig’s contract comes to end after Spectre.

David Beckham Could Be Next James Bond

According to Daily Star, Beckham considered to audition for the role keeping in mind the persuasion by his massive fan following. A huge online debate has been taking place on the internet lately about ‘who is to play the next Bond’. While many are pushing for the first black James Bond that should be played by Idris Alba, some think it’s completely outrageous and the directors should stick to the novel. No black man has ever portrayed Bond on screen before. 

David Beckham Could Be Next James Bond

Well, the auditions are still on and no one actually knows what’s going on in there. And if you are wondering, Beckham is actually not that new to acting.  Last year he featured in a Christmas special of ‘Only Fools And Horses’ and recently, scored a role in a movie directed by Guy Ritchie.  

David Beckham Could Be Next James Bond

Well, it’s kind of tough to settle with the news as playing Bond is not only about looks but also some really solid acting skills, which needless to say, Becks doesn’t have. Also, no Bond has ever had body art and his body is pretty much covered with massive tattoos. Becks also suits up to the image of a poster boy rather than a super slick MI agent. While we agree that he fits the ‘looks’ department extremely well, the daunting question is- can he actually act? What do you think?