Great acting means becoming another person, even someone who leads a radically different life from yours and making the audience fully believe you are that character. There are those actors in Hollywood that have tremendous talent and have been so convincing in their small and big screen roles that the viewing audience completely forgets about their real life persona, as in – they are not attracted to the opposite sex. Actors who are gay in real life but have played straight characters convincingly in television or film roles.

1.Jim Parsons


The Big Bang Theory, a beloved comedy series on CBS, follows the lives of four scientists as the “geniuses” bumble their way through life. And the most popular character on that show has got to be Dr. Sheldon Cooper played by Jim Parsons. Since rising to fame on the hit show rumors had been circulation about Parsons, and finally in 2012 he officially came out as gay.

2.Cynthia Nixon


Do you remember where you were when you saw your first episode of Sex and the City? It was like a siren call to all the single ladies. We watched it and we could relate instantly. And not just to one character, but there were enough fully-fleshed characters that we could see ourselves in the show each week. Cynthia Nixon played lawyer and man-eater Miranda Hobbes, but following the show’s conclusions, Nixon came out as bisexual, split from her then husband, and started a relationship with a woman.

3.Matt Bomer


Good Lord that bone structure and those eyes. There are those actors that, when they come out as gay, create an instant Greek tragedy and send thousands of women into an instant state of irate frenzy. Bomer was one of those. On the day the news came out you could feel women everywhere just royally p*ssed, and gay men everywhere shout with joy from the rooftops.

4.Sara Gilbert

Sara-Gilbert_teaser_620x348 It couldn’t have been easy for Sara Gilbert to grow up in front of the camera, especially when she was experiencing such profound questions about her sexuality. Gaining notoriety playing the sarcastic daughter Darlene on the hit Roseanne show, Gilbert kept her truth a secret for a very long time.

5.Neil Patrick Harris


Without a doubt, Neil Patrick Harris might be one of the most successful child stars of the modern television era. Harris began his acting career in 1988 at the age of 15 when he was cast in the film Clara’s Heart alongside Whoopi Goldberg.Between spending years on the hot show How I Met Your Mother to hosting various award shows brilliantly, Harris keeps tasting success. He’s also successful in his personal life, having spent the last 10 years with longtime partner actor David Burtka. The couple has two adorable children.

6.Lily Tomlin

Actress Lily Tomlin poses for a portrait at the Four Seasons Hotel on Friday, March 15, 2013 in Los Angeles. (Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP)

Lily Tomlin first arrived on the comedy scene in the 1960s and even appeared on the Merv Griffin Show in 1965. She moved on and appeared in films like Nashville, The Incredible Shrinking Woman, and I Heart Huckabees. She has also had big success on the small screen in roles on Murphy Brown and The West Wing. Tomlin announced she was gay way back in 2001, before it was ‘the thing’ to do, paving the way for other celebrities to eventually follow suit.

7.Sir Ian McKellan

ian-mckellen A longtime stage and screen actor, Sir Ian’s career has been getting better and better as he has landed some pretty big roles in recent years in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and X-Men films. One of the most astounding things about McKellan and his career, is that he has never hidden his sexuality but been completely open about who he is and who he loves. As far as the general public, Sir Ian made his sexual orientation known during an interview in 1988 with BBC Radio..

8.Ellen Page

6832039-ellen-page-wallpaper Having just come out recently at a 2014 Human Rights conference, Ellen Page had become a Hollywood darling after her breakout appearance in 2007s Juno in which she portrayed a teenage girl (a very witty and sarcastic one) who finds herself pregnant. Page won critical acclaim for her performance. Though there were not a ridiculous amount of rumors regarding her sexuality, some fans did take to blogs and forums to wonder aloud if Page was gay.

9.Zachary Quinto

(KIKA) - BERLINO, 16 APR - Il cast del nuovo film ispirato alla serie televisiva Star Trek si  riunito a Berlino per la premiere tedesca del film. Diretto da J. J. Abrams, il film racconta delle avventure del capitano Kirk e dei membri della USS Enterprise.  Stefan Batmitsch164©

Were you one of those diehard Trekkies that shouted for joy in 2009 when Star Trek made a return to the big screen with the reboot film Star Trek? If so, then you probably remember seeing the newer, updated version of Spock and wondered, “Who’s that?” Once you saw him out of makeup ladies, you really wondered “Who’s THAT?” Zachary, a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University has made appearances on television as well in CSI, Charmed, and L.A. Dragnet. He has been a long-time supporter of gay rights campaigns and came out publicly in 2011.

10.Wentworth Miller


This is another case where gay men cheered and straight women mourned the day Wentworth publicly came out. Born in Oxfordshire, England but raised in Brooklyn, Miller moved to Los Angeles in 1995 to pursue acting. After a string of bit parts, including some in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Human Stain, and Underworld, Miller finally got his break when he was cast as Michael Scofield on the Fox drama Prison Break. Miller has been very open about the struggles he’s faced regarding his sexuality since coming out in 2013.