most valuable brands in the world…!!

This new world is considered as the world of brands. There are hundreds of brands in the world which are working in different fields. Some people in the world are brand conscious and always want to purchase branded products to maintain their status and to show off others as well. These big brands are making the quality products that are very expensive and not affordable for everyone.The following are top 10 brands that are valuable in the world.



Apple is very famous and high-class brand of the world. It is a multinational technology company that belongs to the USA. It is working mainly in electronics and mobiles as well. Their products are latest and luxurious as well. Its products are very expensive and are made only for the upper class of the society. The brand value of this brand is $145.3 billion, and the annual earnings of Apple are $182.3 billion which is a great amount.



Microsoft is an American technology company that belongs to the USA. It works in many different fields like computers, software, licenses and many other things as well. They are also providing their products to mobile companies like Nokia. It is considered as the most valuable brand in the world. The brand value of Microsoft is $69.3 billion, and the annual earnings of this brand are $93.3 billion. Its products are used all around the world and are useful as well.



Google is a fast search engine in the world which is used in almost all computers in the world. It is made by the American multinational company. It has many other websites as well like Cloud; software, etc. It is also the best website for the advertisement of different brands. Google has millions of users from all over the world as everyone uses this search engine in the world. The brand value of Google is almost $65.6 billion which shows the success and popularity of this brand.



IBM is a multinational technology company that is working in the USA. The full form of its name is International Business Machines Corporation. The products of this brand are mainly hardware and software that are used in almost all gadgets. It started to work in this field in 1924. It is the world of technology and computers are used by every person in which its products are used to complete them. They have also won many awards and titles as well. The brand value of this brand is $49.8 billion. The annual earnings of IBM are $92.8 billion from all over the world.



Coca-Cola is a beverages brand that is famous among the people of the whole world. They sell their drinks to all stores, hotels, etc. in the world. The main office of this brand is working from Georgia. They have different varieties of their products and are not very expensive as well. Their products are available in more than 200 countries of the world. It was also ranked as the valuable brand of the world in 2011. The brand value of this brand is $56 billion. The annual earnings of Coca-Cola are $23.1Billion in the world.


McDonalds is very famous fast food chain in the world and is considered as the best fast food restaurant in the world. It is estimated that it serves almost 68 million people every day. It has opened its branches in 119 countries with 35,000 outlets in the world. The main headquarters of this restaurant are the USA. They are renting their franchises to other people on some specified fees paid to them. It is also named as the 2nd largest private employer brand in the world. It sells many kinds of food products on their restaurants. The brand value of this brand is $39.5 billion.



Last year Visa formed a partnership with Apple to allow iPhone 6 and owners of the latest iPads to make purchases by touching their fingers to their device. In 2014, Visa boosted revenue by 7.8% to $12.7 billion, while net income rose 9.2% to $5.4 billion.



Last year AT&T acquired the Cricket brand to serve price-conscious customers with cheap pre-paid rates without the costly contract. The company also partnered with Uber to preinstall the ride sharing service’s app on all AT&T Android phones. AT&T also announced plans to link its connected home service Digital Life and its connected car service.


Facebook is a social networking website that is working from California. It started to work in 2004 by the student of the college, and his name was Mark Zuckerberg. It was first started only for the students of the Harvard University, but later it was expanded in the whole globe. It is now very famous in the whole world and is used all around the globe. It has almost 1.18 billion users in the earth. They are keeping on changing their privacy settings and are introducing more new features in it. The brand value of Facebook is $36.5 billion. It is also earning large revenue of $121.1 billion.



Perhaps a surprise entrant into the top 10 for many people, Marlboro’s brand value has shot through the roof over the past year. It commands 43.8% of the US cigarette market, and outside the US, Marlboro’s share is bigger than the next two largest brands combined, according to Forbes. Millward Brown says the increase in brand value is largely due to the rise in Altria’s (the company that controls Marlboro in the US) share price, which has increased around 26% in the past year.