One Engineering Student Designed An Entire Airplane After Getting Drunk

Normally when I am dead drunk after a sloshed night with my friends, I mostly struggle to get on my bed after a mind-numbing exercise of finding the way to my room from the porch. But a university student redefined ‘drunk-vodka-nights’ by designing a fantastic airplane.

Engineering, as we know, takes a lot out of students and the level of stress in immeasurable but one engineering student at Michigan University found a secret way to turn all that stress to his advantage. The student who goes by the alias ‘Mark’ got blackout drunk and stoned and woke up in the morning to discover that he had designed an entire  airplane.


His roommate Keith had a first person experience of the whole incident and this is what he had to say:

“It all started around 11.30pm. Mark burst into the room in a drunken sway, asking where his textbooks were and after greeting me he rushed back out of the room. From what the person who brought him up [to the shared accommodation] was saying, Mark had a ton of rum and vodka-mixed drinks.”

“He then came stumbling back two minutes later to grab his giant whiteboard. I just laughed as I sat on the computer listening to his murmurs. Around 1.30am, he came back and he sat on the couch with a worn look on his face.”


Mark says that the finished design is of an ‘ekranoplan’ which is a very high speed aircraft that floats above the water. Although the plane was designed in an inebriated state, Mark wants to test it in a controlled environment.

When the story broke out the drunk-designer gave interviews with his alias as his drinking habits could have hurt his job prospects. I mean who would like to travel in a plane designed by an alcoholic, right?

But seriously, it would be quite an achievement if his calculations are even somewhat near to a working plane and we could really use that cocktail of those drugs Mark, you know for purely experimental purposes. 




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