Secret Behind China’s Victories


When you get invited to a competition called ‘Miss World Bikini’ you’d probably be right to expect competitors from more than one country. Not when China are the hosts though, as they seemed to forget to invite the rest of the globe. A pretty elementary mistake if you ask me.

Hosted at a water park in Hubei, the competition consisted of 100 stunning bikini clad models competing to be crowned champions of this wildly misnamed pageant. Models flocked from all corners of China, with competitors from Shanghai, Beijing, Xian, Dalian, Taiyuan, Wuhan, and Chengdu. None from anywhere else though…


Despite such a grandiose name, this competition was only the quarter final stage, from which 20 lucky ladies were selected to move onto the next round. Only three beautiful babes will make it to the national final after that however.

I wonder what the final will be called… something outlandish and massively inaccurate I’m betting.

While I’m not the sort of man who would ever criticise a bikini competition, this particular incarnation is a little laughable. Maybe the organisers need to have a sit down and come up with something a little more understated for next year’s event.