The Most Hated Game of Thrones Characters

So in lieu of Westeros dealing out justice to all the terrible people who keep doing awful things to good people, we decided it’s high time for us to play judge, jury and executioner on all the most-hated characters still left standing after the bloody and brutal season five.

Jonathan Pryce, Game Of Thrones

10. The High Sparrow

This religious fanatic seemed okay at first, a truly selfless man who gave all he had to the poor and needy in the city. But as soon as he gained power he used it in pretty horrendous ways: locking up gay men for sinning, withholding water and food from prisoners, and forcing Cersei to walk naked through King’s Landing while the city threw garbage and sewage at her. Now that doesn’t seem very righteous to us. 


Carice van Houten, Game Of Thrones

9. Melisandre

The Red Woman would actually be higher on this list if not for the opportunity that has presented itself to her. In the season five finale, Melisandre arrived at Castle Black hours before Jon was stabbed and killed…meaning she can use her powers to bring him back next season, fully redeeming herself in our eyes! But she also did just convince two parents, Stannis and Selyse Baratheon, to burn their innocent and sweet daughter Shireen alive to gain good fortune with the Lord of Light (it didn’t work, they both died the next day).


Alfie Allen, Game Of Thrones

8. Theon Greyjoy/Reek

After going through so much physical and psychological torture at the hands of Ramsay Bolton, it’s understandable why Theon has been so damaged to the point where he’s taken on a new identity: Reek. But the fact that Reek just stood and watched as Ramsay then raped and tortured his childhood friend Sansa Stark day in and day out was unforgivable. He even betrayed her and told Ramsay she was trying to escape when he could have just kept quiet! It took him all season to finally help Sansa escape Winterfell, but he’s got a lot to make up for next season.


Lena Headey, Game Of Thrones

7. Cersei Lannister

Her walk of shame did the impossible: we actually felt bad for this cold b—h. But her inhumane treatment in the season five finale does not excuse a lifetime of cruelty to others. She’s pretty much the worst…but surprisingly, not the worst person in Westeros.


Hannah Waddingham, Lena Headey, Game Of Thrones

6. Septa Unella

“Shame. Shame. Shame.” Ding! Ding! 


Indira Varma, Game Of Thrones

5. Ellaria Sand

She just straight-up killed Myrcella with a poisoned kiss! That poor kid did nothing but what she was told, and yet Ellaria killed her for revenge for what happened to Oberyn in King’s Landing. Also, Ellaria poured out a full glass of wine just to spite everyone. PARTY FOUL. 


Game of Thrones

4. The Night’s King

The leader of the White Walkers can turn an entire army of Wildlings and Night’s Watchmen into zombies with just a raise of his arms. He needs to die before he can get south of the Wall and do some real damage.


Brennock O'Connor, Game Of Thrones

3. Olly and the mutinous Night’s Watch brothers

You. Do. Not. Hurt. Sweet. Angel. Jon. Snow. Nope. Unforgivable. And now your watch is so ended.


Michael McElhatton, Game Of Thrones

2. Roose Bolton

We’re still not over the Red Wedding. We’ll never be over the Red Wedding.


Iwan Rheon, Game Of Thrones

1. Ramsay Bolton

We never thought we’d hate any character more than Joffrey. And then we met Ramsay Bolton, fka Ramsay Snow. This giddy sociopath has no limits to his madness, and the fact that he can gleefully kill, rape, maim and torture anyone he wants when he wants without any kind of punishment at all is the stuff of nightmares. Dude, you so need to die.