The Worst People On Planes

Whenever you board a plane, you hope that everything runs smoothly. Of course, that means safety, but it also means not having to deal with the many types of obnoxious, selfish people that all somehow pile on to your particular flight. The wide variety of awful people come in various shapes and forms and can range from adults to toddlers. That said, this list points out the bottom of the barrel when it comes to air travel, and believe us, there are A LOT of people who fit these stereotypes. Yes, there are a few more of these people that could have made this list, but these frequent flyers can truly ruin your traveling experience.


The Seat-Kicker

Parents, control your kids! Whether that means a coloring book, DVD (with headphones), Benadryl, Nyquil, Tylenol PM, Xanax, Morphine, whatever… Do something! Your precious angel’s spastic kickingmakes everyone else angry and uncomfortable. 

The Immediate Recliner

This person sets off a chain reaction that catches everyone in his or her vertical row off-guard. Once the first guy leans back, it causes both physical and psychological discomfort for the person behind him – especially if there’s a drink or open laptop on their tray.

The Guy Oblivious to How Much Noise He’s Making

We’ve all been there: You’re patiently waiting at an airport gate, and you hear the shrill shriek of a phone ring. A few seconds later, you hear another ring, a different one, just as loud. In horror and bewilderment, you notice that the guy a few seats down is using his precious time to try out every ringer on his Mobile Is this really happening? Are you taking crazy pills? Well, multiply this annoyance by 10,000 when you’re gliding through the air in an aluminum tube with no way to escape. Hey, noisy guy: you’re selfish and rude.

The Gas-Passer

You’re trapped.

The Crying Baby

People don’t mind crying for a few seconds, but if it goes on for a while? You really need to do something about it, or leave the kid at home. Also, parents: a baby squealing with delight isn’t much better. At that frequency, all shrieks sound the same to our ears.

The Armrest Hog

The armrest can be a tricky thing to navigate in such close quarters. However, there’s an unwritten code wherein the person stuck in the middle seat gets BOTH of the armrests. If you’re in one of those other seats and hog that coveted builders , then you deserve to be the object of scorn. 

The Sick Person

There’s nothing good about traveling while sick. In fairness, this person probably feels bad enough on the inside… but knowing that you can catch that mystery ailment only makes the whole plane ride miserable.

The Drunk

The guy that got to the airport early in order to relax before his flight with a couple of pitchers of beer and shots. 

The Snorer

Seeing someone doze off is fine. Great, even! Means he probably won’t ask if you’re traveling for business or pleasure or make you look at pictures of his kids. Hearing someone doze off? That’s a different story. All of the elbow thrusts and subtle kicks likely won’t make your flight any more enjoyable. 

source-the ranker




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