In fact it is not necessary that hate is cause of any bad or evil thing but sometime positive thing in you also become the reason of other hate. There are countries on the world map that are being hated by different positive reasons including being most influential, powerful, commanding and other such elements while negative things like violence, brutality, terrorism, hypocritical role and government inference to other nation’s affairs. Here we have listed top ten most hated countries in the world which are given below.


Grand Place, Grote Markt,  Brussels,  Belgium,  Europe

You will be surprised to know the reason behind this fact that why Belgium is hated because it is a little funny. You know! Many people hate Belgium, or avoid visiting it because this is a boring country.





In Mexico there are drug wars, crimes, lack of proper rule and laws, illegal migration of its people to America are the main reason behind the disgust for this country. Mexico can develop a good image by wiping out these problems through proper law and order system. In this way Mexico can remove easily the label of “being hated”.



japan-flag-620x350 Japan is having a positive influence in most parts of the world due to its astonishing progress in technology.The hate began with history of Japan consist of destructive conflict with China, though Japanese aren’t now being involved in any such activities but Chinese being the most populated state still hate the country due to past aggression.


7.North Korea

UNILAD-AP-PhotoKorean-Central-News-Agency4 North Korea stands among the hated countries because of its conflicts with other states in the world especially neighboring countries while North Korea often threaten the whole world against nuclear war.In fact many of citizens also didn’t like some to government measures to become a nuclear power but giving their resident poor life and low living standards. The aggressive and violent approach of North Korea is ridiculous and didn’t like by any of country in the world pushing it to world’s most hated countries


6.United Kingdom

310235-united-kingdom United Kingdom has been hated for several reasons and foremost is its violent past that led to slavery system in the world while the Kingdom often involved in vicious activities to dominate other countries.United Kingdom was among those countries which encouraged civil wars exploited and looted nations and demoralized many of state to sub continents, the aggressive and hostile nature of United Kingdom added it into most hated countries in the world whereas it also support discrimination and unfairness.




Germany is the Hitler’s nation and this is more than enough to hate to state, the criminal violence of General Hitler who left no stone unturned to demolish the other country and his hands were full of bloodshed of millions of people including most of civilians.The country has been also added in the list for their fatal role in World War I and II, however, the country is now considered as one of successful and developed state in the world but the past didn’t left it yet and hatred is still with the nation.




Flag_of_the_People's_Republic_of_China.svg China is ranked as the first country in the world in terms of having the highest execution rates. It is widely known for producing countless bad and fake products that cause different deadly diseases such as cancer. It invades different Asian countries to benefit from them and does not respect international laws even those that it signed 




download Some of the flop and horrible experiments on mankind held by Russia made it the most hated country. Russian communism is its fine example. Russia is responsible for destroying its own religion, culture and intellects. In addition, the countries which were the part of Soviet Union, hate Russia as they claim that Russia is a source of several problems to them. Remember, Russia was a super power of the world and in this haughtiness Russia invaded Afghanistan and killed million of innocent people.



israel-01 Israel is also called an ill legal son of united sates of America and United Kingdom.The ongoing war of Israel against Palestine arresting civilians and violating human rights openly and killing Palestinians without compassion, even they didn’t kind of women and children in war zone which is quite enough to hate the nation.The country hasn’t recognized by many of countries in the world because of its hostile and destructive nature in Palestine which is really a massacre than a war on the name of Judaism.


Work and Travel USA 1 United States of America topped the list of being most hated by people, there is several reason of their hate one might be that America is strongest ally of most hatred nation Israel which massacred million of people in Palestine till now on the name of war.The other reasons may include the USA government direct involvement to spoil and destroy many of countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and now Syria, the US allied forces just demolished these regions on so called terrorism which might be good in some sense but not enough that someone has open permission to kill civilian either women or children.