Travel Hacks That Will Change the Way You Travel Forever

1.Roll your clothes instead of folding them.


Only Neanderthals and rookie travelers fold their clothes into a pressed, rectangular shapes when packing. The pro way of doing things is to gather it all up into a bundle and roll it up, as the above image shows.

2.Use old sunglass cases to stow away chargers and headphones


Instead of battling a jumble of wires and cables, do the smart thing: keep all your chargers and cables and headphones in spare sunglass cases.

3.Save on hotels and flights by browsing in incognito browsing


Hotel and flight booking websites track you with cookies, propping up the rates depending on your past behavior. The best way to avoid this is to use the internet in private or incognito mode.

On Chrome, this is as easy as pressing CTRL + SHIFT + N

4.Make digital copies of important papers Accidents happen on the road. 



The worst that can possibly happen is losing your passport and ID papers. As a safeguard, scan your passport, visa, and important ID papers and mail them to yourself. You can also try using a scanning app on your iPhone. This way, you’ll always have a digital copy handy in case of emergencies.

5.Avoid smelly suitcases by using dryer sheets


Traveling is tough on your clothes, even tougher on your sweat glands. Avoid smelling like a camel when you arrive at your destination by packing your suitcase with dryer sheets. This way, when you open your luggage, your clothes will smell a little less, and feel way more fresh.

6.Organize jewelry and other knick knacks by using pill containers


7.Ensure better service by giving your flight attendants some chocolates


Flight attendants have a tough job. They have to deal with surly customers and tons of walking, all at 20,000 feet in the air. Show them a little love by offering them a few chocolates (bought from the duty-free store, of course) when you get aboard. They’ll love you for it (seriously, try it out) and you’ll get far better service – and a few kind smiles – all through your journey.

8.Keep emergency cash in empty lip-balm tubes


9.Save space by tucking your underwear and socks inside shoes


All that space inside your shoes is just going to waste. Make better use of it by rolling up your undergarments (dirty ones work better than fresh ones) and socks and tucking them inside your shoes.

10.Avail “Youth Fares” and “Student Fares” whenever possible


You might know this, but a lot of airlines offer significantly cheaper student fares to full and part-time college students, grad students, and faculty of accredited government colleges. If you’re affiliated to any such educational institution in some capacity, you might be able to avail these offers.

11.Keep your shirt collars crisp and stiff by tucking your belt inside them


It’s dead simple, really, and you’ll wonder why you never thought of that..

12.Use WordLens to translate local signs


This is one app no serious traveler should be without. WordLens translates signs from the local language to English. Just point your phone camera towards the sign and watch as WordLens translates it into English. It works like a charm and is a real lifesaver when you’re traveling.